I’m very happy with my safe room. It fits perfectly into the corner of my garage, where my family can get to it easily. We don’t fear storms anymore.

Dennis R.
Mesquite, TX
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All of my questions were answered, and all of my concerns were addressed. Buying my shelter was much simpler than I thought it would be. I should have protected my family sooner!

Frances L.
Charlotte, NC
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Safety When Facing the Eye of the Storm

Understanding real consequences of natural disasters that have occurred throughout the world in the last decade or so should make you realize how important preparation is. If you have witnessed or read about the utter devastation from tornadoes or hurricanes such as Katrina or Sandy, then you hopefully agree that having a safety plan in […]

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Uncommon “Twin” Tornados Hit Nebraska

A rare double tornado touched down in northeast Nebraska this week and was caught on video. Officials who surveyed the damage estimated that 75% of the town was destroyed or partly damaged, including houses, a school, a fire station and a church. The small town of Pilger, population 378, which experienced wind speeds varying from […]

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